D'Wight Sheets, President                                         Chris Lobsinger, Vice President

  Brett Sheets, Secretary                                                 Marilyn Gruss, Treasurer 

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Our Proud History

"A place to enjoy things of yesteryear."


"Old fashioned, but not old! So many fun things to keep the kids busy."


"I come back to the tractor show every year. Always a great display"


​​Old Fashioned
  • Starting as a small group who wanted to trade stories and parts, trying to keep tractors histoically accurate.
  • We have slowly turned to getting back to the old American Way. Old fashioned at heart. Dedicated to keep American family values in our homes and families. 
  • We come together each year to enjoy good old fahioned fun

Farmers Days

July 4 - July 6, 2019

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