"A place to enjoy things of yesteryear."


"I come back to the tractor show every year. Always a great display"


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​​Old Fashioned
July 4 to July 6, 2024
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"Old fashioned, but not old! So many fun things to keep the kids busy."


The first show of the Old Fashioned Farmers was held in 1976 on the Clay farm northeast of Rockford. The show consisted of some of Paul Clay’s and Merlin Winer’s old equipment being pulled out along the lane, and some wheat being threshed. Aprox. 20 people were then treated to a thresherman’s meal prepared by Mrs. Clay and Mrs. Winer. That first show had two exhibitors and about 10-12 pieces of equipment.

Farmers Days

D'Wight Sheets, President                                         Chris Lobsiger, Vice President

  Brett Sheets, Secretary                                                 Marilyn Gruss, Treasurer